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About two years ago I started writing about different topics in education.  A few people, mostly friends and family, supported me by joining the blog and encouraging me to continue writing.  Then colleagues, other educators and teachers started reading my posts, joining the conversations and giving me support and feedback to continue posting.  Now, two years later, I have reached a milestone and have over 1,000 subscribers who want to keep updated on the education topics that I discuss.

I have been researching, talking and writing about charter schools for over ten years and they are often a topic of discussion when I write.  I have never been anti-charter, but I do believe that the laws and regulations around charter schools need to change to support the best interests of the students and not the corporations who own and run the schools.  Because of the positive feedback I received from these posts I will be writing and talking more about the charter school dilemma.  Please let me know if there is anything specific you want me to research and write about.

Another topic that I discuss is the relationship between teachers and administrators.  When they work together everyone benefits.  Students, parents, community, and the school itself are more successful when there is synergy.  Sometimes however, there is a breakdown between what administrators think is best for the students and what they want for the district.  When this happens teachers are often caught in the middle.  Please let me know about your experiences so I can add them to the discussion.

Colleagues have also been talking to me about why they became educators and who influenced them;  sometimes it’s a teacher, sometimes it’s a student, and sometimes it all started because of a conversation with friends.  Being an educator is not an easy job and if you don’t have a passion for it you probably won’t last more than five years.  Those that have the passion will continue teaching and inspiring students in spite of bad administration and dysfunctional schools.

I’m going to continue writing about these topics, and more, and I hope you continue reading, sharing , and commenting on them.



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